About Us

‘Niyukti’ is a Hindi word that means ‘appointment’ and is commonly used to refer to ‘recruitment’ for any post. Started in 2007, Niyukti.in was the first job-site to focus on location of jobs and easy availability of simple jobs. The entire approach of Niyukti.in is guided by four major concerns:
  1. Jobs for all - 1 million added to workforce every month. Need to provide jobs for them.
  2. Local Jobs - provide employment with minimum displacement and maximum affordability.
  3. Simple Jobs - Jobs that are self explanatory with minimal requirements.
  4. Real Jobs - Jobs that are for real and not meant for selling training programs or collecting CVs or other scams.
Niyukti.in is making a difference where it is needed most - listing local jobs in U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. It has recently added Delhi and Gujarat to the list of regions covered. We aim to spread our reach across all the various states and union territories of India. We however do not wish to be a job portal with maximum number of jobs listing but simply wish to concentrate of maximum job number of job offers . Assist us in accessing the quality of jobs listed by liking and commenting on the jobs that help you in your own job search.